Well, here we go.  My first blog.  Well, not exactly, but the first one I intend to update on a regular basis.  Until now I just haven’t had anything that interesting to write about.  Well, not really, I could air all my dirty laundry, but someone would have to actually be paying me for that shit.  I will say this, though.  For me this trip is 1 part “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” 1 part “On the Road,” and 1 heaping part “Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail.”  Except for the fact that Sarah Marshall will most definitely not be going to Washington, and I haven’t actually read On the Road yet, or Campaign Trail for that matter, and we’re replacing “Fear and Loathing” with “Love and Uniting!”

It’s a Celebration, Bitches!!

I mean, Barack Obama is our New President.  I’m not going to mince words about how cool this is, for a thousand other bloggers have beaten me to the punch, and everyone knows it anyway.  A 2-1 margin of victory in the most obsolete Electoral College System says it all for me.  WOOFRICKINGHOO!

Now for the good part.  When I first met Suzi Chang I thought she was just another freak in a Pink Tutu, but then again some of my favorite people are freaks in pink tutus, so who am I to judge?  In the course of collaborating on a series of Events at my business, the Sophia Healing Center on Haight Street in San Francisco, I learned of this “Human Pink Slip” idea, and said, “hey, that sounds kinda interesting.”

Then it dawned on me, if we deliver the Human Pink Slip by Dubya’s last day in office, that gives us a perfect reason to be in D.C. for the INAUGURATION!  Oh, I’m going.”  Another Susie in my life said, “You just figured this out today?”  “Yeah,” I said, “or rather, I only just realized that I was going.”

On to the hard part, which may be eloquently summarized by a rapper known as Murs, when he said, “Cats, Vans, Bags, NOW, damnit!”  Los Happy Bus is checked out and ready to roll.  My lovely Rita the Red Rocket met with an untimely demise during the Christmas snow storm.  Broke my heart, for I really wanted to get another 3,000 miles out of that “IMPEACH BUSH NOW!” sticker, not to mention “God Bless the Freaks,” and “Down for the Cause” among a few others.  Sigh.  Well, apparently you really can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.  Grrr.  But this omelet will not be deterred.  We’re frying this sucker up all the way to D.C., with a heaping side of Love Cakes!

I believe I’m no longer making sense, but no matter.  Hunter only made sense about half the time anyway, and that was only when he was drunk.  In any case, the stitches are holding and believe it or not, I’m almost done with my Master’s Degree!  That’s right, just one more pesky little paper to squeeze out of my mental sphincter, and I’ll be home free.  And this paper is all about transforming consciousness through the power of Love.  Which is what we’re doing on We The People’s Caravan to D.C.!


Sponsored by Indigo Moonstar for President, 2020


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